Marketing and Support

Personalized marketing tools
that perform for you

Oticon offers new insight-based materials designed specifically to support your hearing care practice. Based on studies of the modern hearing instrument consumer, we proudly present an all-new consumer marketing toolkit. It is designed specifically to attract even more people into your clinic with the promise of a personalized hearing solution, and is customizable to set you apart from your competitors.

New insight-based materials 

This suite of ready-to-use elements will not only generate awareness, it will also advertise your clinic throughout your local community. It includes new print and point-of-sale materials, based on insights into the emotional and rational triggers that encourage end-users to learn more about hearing loss.

Also new is a Waiting Room DVD that will motivate clients in your waiting room to inquire about a truly personalized hearing instrument and wish to experience the benefits of ConnectLine. This combination of materials is designed to effectively attract new and experienced users to your practice and motivate them to reach an improved listening experience.

We offer a range of waiting, counselling and fitting room materials that are designed to develop interest in the hearing solutions you can provide.

We’re here to support you

Every day you rely on a dependable order system and short lead-time on products and services – and we are dedicated to giving you operational excellence and the best day-to-day support.

In our product support department a service-oriented team is ready to make certain you have first-class experiences with Oticon hearing products.


Receive and ensure quick delivery of your orders.

Handle repairs and service of hearing solutions.


Meeting the needs and expectations of your clients along their journey to better hearing is essential to ensure they continue to wear their hearing instrument and begin their lives as empowered users.

Continued learning is key to achieving this. Consumer needs and expectations are changing constantly and staying abreast of these and developments in technology gives you the best chance to secure all round satisfaction.

As well as holding regular seminars, Oticon offers you a strong suite of tools that encompass everything from training in Genie to comprehensive marketing tools and the strongest product portfolio. All are designed specifically to assist you in attracting and retaining new and existing clients.

Did you know?

9 out of 10 reasons for customer satisfaction
is due to their relationship with their hearing care professional.

Phone support and fitting support – when you need it

Phone support is a cornerstone in our service. At our call centres, audiologists with experience in technical and fitting-related questions are ready to provide quick, personalized and topic-specific support.

The service is of course free of charge, and for your convenience, our call centres are open before and after office hours.

Our phone support helps you:

Use our fitting tool, Genie, and our multimedia counselling tool.

Answer FAQs.

Decide which hearing solutions to recommend for different types of hearing loss.

Solve problems with IT and software installations online.

Our support also includes a range of other issues. For example in-office training in our fitting tool, Genie.

Contact us for phone support and fitting support.

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