Priority & Call handling

  • > What takes priority if ConnectClip is connected/paired to several Bluetooth devices?

    ConnectClip can be paired with up to 8 devices but can only be connected to one device at any given time. The first connected device has priority.

  • > If ConnectClip is connected to several Bluetooth devices, how can you choose between them?

    Turn off the device you do not what to be connected with or switch off Bluetooth in the devices you do not want to be connected with.

  • > Can calls be received when using ConnectClip as a remote microphone?

    No, calls cannot be received when ConnectClip is in remote microphone mode because when ConnectClip is in remote mic mode, the connection between ConnectClip and the phone is closed. However, calls will still be allowed to come in directly on a smartphone that has been paired with ConnectClip.

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  • > Can calls be received from the same smartphone when streaming music through ConnectClip?

    Yes, calls can be received from a smartphone paired to ConnectClip that is streaming music. In this case, the call will override the music, and the end-user has the option to answer the call or reject it and continue streaming audio. 

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  • > Can I answer my phone call directly on my smartphone and not stream it through ConnectClip?

    Yes. To do this select audio route on your smartphone. How this is done will vary based on your phone vendor.

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  • > What happens if my iPhone rings while I am streaming music to ConnectClip from another device? What takes priority?

    If your iPhone is paired directly with your hearing aids, the iPhone call will interrupt the music streaming from ConnectClip. 

  • > Can I change the volume of a streamed signal in remote microphone mode?

    Yes. The volume control keys on ConnectClip will adjust the volume levels on both the hearing aid microphone and streamed signal. 

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  • > Can I stream audio or make a phone call or when ConnectClip is in remote microphone mode?

    No. When using the ConnectClip remote microphone mode - there will be no connection to the mobile phone. You can receive mobile phone calls on the phone (not via ConnectClip).