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  • > When in remote microphone mode, are hearing aid microphones still active?

    Yes, the hearing aid microphones are still active. 

  • > When I am streaming sound/music, can my hearing aid microphones be turned on/off?

  • > How do I change from remote microphone mode to streaming mode?

    To switch from remote microphone mode to streaming mode, hold down the main button/multi-button (i.e approx. 3 seconds) and hearing aids will return to initial program (P1). 

  • Is it possible to select if the hearing aid microphones can be on or off for certain modes?

    This is possible by muting the hearing aid microphones manually when using ConnectClip. Your hearing care professional can adjust the level of the hearing aid microphones relative to the streamed signal in the fitting software.

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  • > What happens when I stream music and change the volume on ConnectClip?

    The volume control keys on ConnectClip will adjust both the hearing aid microphone level and streamed signal level in the hearing aid.

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  • > Can I access the remote microphone mode using pushbutton on hearing aid?

    Yes, the remote microphone program is added to the hearing aid program cycle when it is paired with ConnectClip. Remote microphone mode can be accessed by pushing the program button on the hearing aid, ConnectClip or Oticon ON App.

  • > What happens if I mute my hearing aid microphones while ConnectClip is in remote microphone mode?

    You will only hear the sound coming from ConnectClip.

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  • > Does ConnectClip use the same noise reduction as in the ConnectLine microphone?

    No, ConnectClip has a new noise reduction system.

  • > Which firmware version do my hearing aids need to work with ConnectClip?

    Opn hearing aids require firmware version 5.0 or later.