Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rechargeable hearing aids

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  • > How often should I charge my rechargeable hearing aids?

    You should charge your hearing aids every night. The lithium-ion battery can be charged daily, and there is no need to fully discharge the battery before placing your hearing aids back in the charger

  • > How long will the battery last on a full charge?

    The daily performance of the battery depends on a number of factors such as the settings in your hearing aids, your hearing loss, the sound environment around you, the age of the battery, and whether you are streaming sound from your phone, TV, or other devices.

    Battery lifetime examples:

    • 24 hours of battery life with no streaming

    • 18 hours of battery life with five hours of streaming

    If you experience that your hearing aids do not power a full day, it might be time to have the battery replaced by your hearing care professional.

  • > How do I position the rechargeable hearing aids in the charger?

    Place the hearing aids in the charging ports so the LEDs (light) on the hearing aids face the same way as the LED (light) on the charger. Make sure the hearing aids start charging (The LED on each hearing aid is solid red). If the hearing aids are positioned incorrect, they will not be charged.


  • > How can I see my hearing aids are fully charged?

    The LEDs on your hearing aids will turn solid red when the hearing aids are charging. They turn solid green when your hearing aids are fully charged. It takes three hours to fully charge your hearing aids if the battery is fully drained.

  • > How long does it take to fully charge the hearing aids?

    If the battery is fully drained, it takes approximately three hours to fully charge your hearing aids.
    When charging a lithium-ion battery, it fills up more quickly at the beginning. So after 30 minutes, the battery will be 25% charged, and after one hour the battery will be at 50% capacity.

  • > How long can I leave my hearing aids in the charger?

    The charger is the best place to store your hearing aids. Any time your hearing aids are not in use, place them in the charger for charging. This will ensure your hearing aids are always charged.

  • > What happens if I turn the charger off and the hearing aids are still placed in the charger?


    Switching off the charger will make your hearing aids turn on, and then start using their batteries while they are still seated in the charging ports. It is therefore important to keep the charger connected to a power source whenever your hearing aids are seated in the charging ports.
  • > What power source can be used for my charger?

    The charger is supported by a power plug for power socket. It is possible to power the charger from other sources with a USB port. Ensure that the power source is USB 2.0 compliant, minimum 500mA output. Examples of sources: Power bank, PC, Car. Always control charging starts up to make sure the power source delivers sufficient output for your charger.

  • > My hearing aids are blinking red when placed in the charger?

    This indicates a system error. Please contact your hearing care professional.

  • > How do I turn my rechargeable hearing aids on or off?

    Your hearing aids automatically turn on when you remove them from the charger. The hearing aids automatically turn off when you place them in the charger. However, you can manually turn them on and off.

    VIDEO: How to turn rechargeable hearings aids on & off

  • > Do I need a dryer with my rechargeable hearing aids?

    You should not use a dryer if temperature exceeds +40 °C. because lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to heat, and may be damaged.

    All Oticon Opn hearing aids are tested and classified to the IP68 standard, which ensures they are water and dust resistant, so they do not require a dryer. The lithium-ion batteries inside are nano-coated as well, making them resistant to moisture ingress.

  • > Can I see the battery status in the Oticon Companion App?

    Yes. Tap the Hearing aids icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the home screen. The current battery level is shown at the top of the screen.

  • > What is a lithium-ion battery?

    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology is widely used in consumer electronics. It is suitable because it enables a large battery capacity, allowing for longer lasting performance and a short charging time.

  • > Are lithium-ion batteries temperature sensitive?

    Yes, to some extent. Charging should be done at temperatures between +5°C to +40°C. Outside this range, the charger will stop charging. Charging will automatically resume when the temperature is within the operating range of +5°C to +40°C.

    The hearing aids can be used if temperatures are outside of these limits.

  • > Do lithium-ion batteries last longer if they’re not charged every night?

    The best practice is to charge your hearing aids every night because lithium-ion batteries do not need to be deeply discharged before the next charging cycle. They do not have a ‘charge memory’ in the same way that other types of batteries do.

  • > Are there special caution related to lithium-ion batteries?

    Yes. This hearing aid is supported by a non-removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery cell. Do not try to get access to the battery inserted in the hearing aid. The battery must only be replaced by your hearing care professional.
    If a hearing aid with a lithium-ion battery or a lithium-ion battery is swallowed or placed in the ear or nose, seek emergency medical treatment immediately.


    Please ensure to familiarize yourself with the safety and handling information related to rechargeable hearing aids in the separate hearing aid instruction for use.

  • > Can I safely fly with lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids?

    Yes, you can safely wear your rechargeable hearing aids on a plane and bring the charger on board. You can also safely pack your hearing aids and the charger in your check-in luggage.

  • > How do I put my hearing aids in flight mode?

    To activate and deactivate flight mode, press and hold the lower part of the push button for 7 seconds. Pressing the button on one hearing aid will activate flight mode on both hearing aids.

    When flight mode is activated, the hearing aids still work normally, however Bluetooth® is turned off.


    VIDEO: See how to activate and deactivate flight mode

  • > I’m not going to use my hearing aids for a long time – what should I do with them?

    If you need to store your hearing aids for longer than 14 days, it’s important to fully charge them. Then manually turn the hearing aids off using the push buttons.


    Storing your hearing aids with a full battery will ensure the battery will still be able to be charged. However, the batteries need to be fully charged every 6 months. If you do not charge your hearing aids for 6 months, the rechargeable batteries will need to be replaced.

  • > Can I try to restart my hearing aids by turning them on again when they have run out of power?

    No, If your hearing aids run out of battery place them in the charger for a re-charge. Additional usage time cannot be achieved by trying to restart the hearing aids.