Paediatric fitting

We make hearing aid fittings easier

Child friendly hearing care goes beyond the development of paediatric products and into the realm of fitting software. This is because the fitting protocol for children typically differs from that used with adults.

In a paediatric fitting, audiologists may be working with audiometric data of varying formats, special fitting rationales, different assumptions on how automatic features should be set and a different approach to verification.

To support paediatric audiologists in their daily work, we developed paediatric fitting mode in Oticon Genie 2. Paediatric fitting mode addresses the needs of children with hearing loss – and the professionals taking care of them.

Paediatric fitting mode

Oticon Genie 2 supports paediatric fittings for children between 0 and 17 years old and paediatric products.

It offers easy access to audiogram, RECD and REM tools, and a range of validation tools to support better outcomes for children wearing hearing aids.

Paediatric fitting mode features the Paediatric panel that provides a centralised way to view and change the child's hearing aid settings.

Fit children of any age with confidence

To make it easier to fit children and teenagers, we have introduced a more flexible way of handling Paediatric default settings in Oticon Genie 2.

Paediatric fitting mode in Oticon Genie 2 acts as your guide to Oticon hearing aids, helping you achieve more in the time available. Customizable settings for every age group help you target fittings by providing you with easy access to fitting details in the Paediatric panel.

To help you meet their preferences, Oticon's MoreSound Intelligence™ technology features Virtual Outer Ear and Sound Enhancer can be adjusted when the time is right, and the volume control can be activated.

Paediatric fitting in Genie 2

  • One fitting system for ALL Oticon hearing aids
  • Audiology concept based on children’s evolving needs
  • Effective DSL implementation for greater accuracy and less fine tuning