Improve counselling with our interactive solutions

Oticon Counselling combines the best practices of today’s most successful hearing care professionals and Oticon’s extensive experience with the highest level of interactive counselling solutions.

If you wish to enhance your counselling and rehabilitation processes, Oticon Counselling can help you. The interactive application helps you to identify realistic goals for optimum client satisfaction. With Oticon Counselling, you can motivate clients and their relatives and provide them with a valuable insight into the benefits of using a hearing solution.

Tinnitus Treatment

Hearing loss and tinnitus are closely related, and you meet patients with both symptoms daily. Now, you have the resources to guide your patients along their journey towards tinnitus relief.

A complete tinnitus package

Oticon offers a comprehensive tinnitus treatment package. We supply the tools and support you need to provide counselling and sound therapy treatment for your patients in order to support them along their journey towards tinnitus relief.

Amplification and sound in one device

Each of our new Performance Line hearing instruments now come with the option of an integrated sound generator: Tinnitus SoundSupport. Flexible and easy to use, Tinnitus SoundSupport can be activated when sound therapy is needed.

The first with ocean sounds

In addition to broadband sounds, like white and pink noise, Oticon offers a unique range of ocean sounds as an integrated part of Tinnitus SoundSupport. These nature sounds are dynamic, yet soothing, and they show great promise in decreasing the annoyance of tinnitus.

Easy and flexible fitting

Our fitting software is designed to make fitting as simple and quick as possible while giving your patients a fully personalized treatment.

Get Oticon Counselling

Oticon Counselling runs on both a PC and an iPad. It can be downloaded here or installed from the Genie DVD.

System requirements – PC
to use Oticon Counselling, you need a newer Windows PC. You also need a minimum of 400 MB free disk space available for the PC version. You must have Windows XP or later versions.

Download Oticon Counselling for PC

System requirements – iPad
To use Oticon Counselling on a tablet you need iPad 2 or newer (the new iPad) and approximately 500 MB free storage on the iPad. You must have iOS 7 or later versions.

Download Oticon Counselling for iPad 

(Username: Password: oticonINT2016)

Contact your Oticon sales representative if you need Oticon Counselling in another language.

Please note

Oticon Counselling is a large application, almost 250 MB. Please expect the download and installation process to take up to 60 minutes depending on your internet connection and PC hardware. Also, please ensure that your PC or tablet is connected to a power supply before beginning the download and installation procedure.

Ida Institute debunks common myths about counselling

  • Counselling Myth: Too Time-Consuming

    Did you know that just two minutes of uninterrupted listening is enough time to allow 80% of patients the time to express their story?

  • Counselling Myth: Not Cost Effective

    Since it doesn’t require large expenditures on technology, equipment, or facilities, it’s possible to increase customer satisfaction and improve care at a low cost.

  • Counselling Myth: Too Emotional

    There is increasing evidence that incorporating empathy into patient care has led to better clinical outcomes.

  • Counselling Myth: Patients Already Satisfied

    Producing the best service and running a profitable clinic requires more than simply reducing complaints.

Oticon Tinnitus SoundSupport - Next generation sound generator

Ocean Sounds - soothing and relaxing

Dynamic, with a broad frequency spectrum. Based on broadband sounds, Oticon’s three nature-like sounds mimics the rhythm of the ocean.

Shaped to audiogram - quick and easy start

A personalized broadband sound option based on the patient’s audiometric thresholds.

Broadband sounds - effective relief sounds

Three different broadband sounds. White, Pink and Red.

Modulation - more personalization for better relief

Four modulation options can be applied to any of the broadband sounds.

Automatic level steering - adjusts volume automatically

The volume of the relief sound reduces automatically when environmental sounds are loud enough to provide relief, and it returns to the starting level when the environmental sounds decrease.

Separate volume control - meeting tinnitus treatment protocol requirements

The level of sound relief can be adjusted manually by the patient in one or both ears.

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    Oticon’s fitting and counselling tool, Genie, is designed to provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user.

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