Genie 2 | 2017.1

Genie 2 has been updated with a variety of new features and enhancements.
Please find a quick overview of these below:

Download the 2017.1 Genie 2 Guide

What’s new in Genie 2?

Support for new hearing aids
The following new Oticon hearing aids are supported:

  • miniRITE-T (telecoil) for Oticon Opn 1, Opn 2 and Opn 3
  • BTE13 PP for Oticon Opn 1, Opn 2 and Opn 3
  • For further information, please refer to the Opn Technical data sheets that are available through Genie 2

    New Fitting Features

    Genie 2 has been updated with new exciting features to support the Opn hearing aids available for all price-points:

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport ™
  • Speech Rescue™LX
  • DSL v5.0
  • Listening programs

    Previously released Opn hearing aids can be upgraded to support these new features. This is easily done by using the Oticon Firmware Updater tool, updating the instruments to the latest firmware released in 2017.1.

    Tinnitus SoundSupport™

    Tinnitus SoundSupport is now available in Oticon Opn hearing aids.

    Tinnitus SoundSupport is activated in Genie 2 and provides you with a range of four broadband sounds and three ocean-like sounds that can be individually adjusted and fine-tuned to suit each client’s individual needs and preferences.

    You can also adjust the relief sounds through Automatic Level Steering, hearing aid microphone on/off in tinnitus programs, frequency shaping, four modulation settings, and easy level adjustment.

    Genie 2 allows you to demonstrate all seven relief sounds in SoundStudio to help clients and their significant others better understand aspects of tinnitus treatment using sound therapy.

    Speech RescueTM

    Speech Rescue LX improves speech understanding for users with more severe, asymmetric, progressive and unilateral hearing loss by preserving speech cues that might otherwise be lost.

    Speech Rescue LX benefits clients when conventional forms of amplification have not produced audibility in the high frequencies.

    Conveniently located in the Fitting section below the Feedback Analyser, Speech Rescue LX in the default setting is OFF for both adult and children.

    When you choose to enable Speech Rescue LX for a client, Genie 2 automatically applies the default setting.

    What's new in Genie?


    The listening programs allow you to maintain the overall sound characteristics of the general program while modifying it to provide more benefit in a given situation.

    The Program Manager in Genie 2 features a variety of listening programs including Speech in Noise, Music, Comfort, Lecture, T-Coil and more.


    With the DSL fitting rationale now available for Oticon Opn, you can offer your teen clients the full benefit of the open sound experience with assurance that best practice guidelines are supported. Combining DSL with Oticon’s new open sound experience enables confident listening in the complex listening environments that are common in a teen’s life.

    Download the 2017.1 Genie 2 Guide

    Real ear measurements in 6 minutes!*

    The REM AutoFit tool in Genie and Genie 2 helps you deliver high-quality fittings that are personalized to the user, while emphasizing efficiency and control.

    Learn about REM AutoFit in Genie 2

    *Tested on Interacoustics and MedRx equipment.

    New SoundStudio

    The new SoundStudio is a 3D sound application that runs on the fitting PC and utilizes the speaker setup in your clinic. Its sound library has a large selection of virtual sound scenes to simulate common listening situations in the fitting room.

    SoundStudio improves your customers’ understanding of the benefits of hearing aid features in complex listening situations. Customer satisfaction also improves as a result of addressing and fixing listening problems in difficult situations.

    Bimodal fitting made easy

    It can be challenging to find the right balance when you fit a hearing aid to support a cochlear implant.

    Genie’s bimodal fitting tools help you navigate the complexities of balancing the sound experience when fitting a hearing aid to match a cochlear implant.

    Find out about bimodal fitting in Genie

    Oticon Firmware Updater

    Oticon Firmware Updater is a brand new tool in Genie 2 that enables firmware updates of hearing aids within the Opn family. This means that new features and security updates are released to the existing styles through the Oticon Firmware Updater.


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