Oticon whitepapers

Technology and research insights, delivered by the Centre for Applied Audiology Research (CAAR) at Oticon headquarters in Denmark.

CAAR investigates benefits of hearing technology in collaboration with leading researchers globally. It ensures that Oticon uses the best available research methods for the purpose and also explores new and yet unseen benefits. The Centre further delivers insights on new technology developed by Oticon. The collaboration between CAAR and the Eriksholm Research Centre ensures that Oticon has an evidence-based approach to developing its’ BrainHearing™ technologies.

  • Opn™ 30/20/20 clinical evidence

    This whitepaper presents a summary of the clinical studies investigating the end-user benefits of the new signal processing introduced in Oticon Opn on cognitive effort, memory recall, and speech recognition performance.

  • Oticon Opn

    OpenSound Navigator™

    OpenSound Navigator™ is a new speech-enhancement algorithm that preserves speech and reduces noise in complex environments.  It replaces and exceeds the role of conventional directionality and noise reduction algorithms. Key technical advances in OpenSound Navigator are discussed.

  • Oticon Opn

    Velox™ Platform

    The new ultra-fast Velox platform brings market-leading resolution with 64 frequency channels. The high speed platform analyzes the environment more than 100 times per second and handles more than 500 million instructions per second. The tech paper will describe the Velox chip, and the new wireless capabilities in TwinLink™.

  • REM Cookbook

    This guide focuses on the most common fitting situation in the clinic, ie. the verification of open or partially open fittings, use of speech as the input signal, and verification on the ear, rather than in the test box.

  • Client Target and REM

    This document explains how the graph view has changed for all rationales in the new Genie 2 fitting software.  Client Target is the Genie 2 fitting software concept designed to help the clinician achieve even more successful first fittings, right from the start.

  • Amplifying soft sounds

    The first part of this white paper describes how amplification works in today’s digital hearing aids and highlights the strength of Oticon’s proprietary amplification technologies: VAC and Speech Guard. The second part is dedicated to features such as Soft speech Booster and Soft Sound Perception control that were introduced with Alta2 and Nera2.

  • Audiology for loud, dynamic environments

    This paper describes the new extended input range provided by Clear Dynamics and the benefits this may provide users in loud environments with speech or listening to music.

  • Fitting with Genie

    Oticon’s fitting and counselling tool, Genie, is designed to provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user.

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    Discover our personalized marketing tools designed specifically to attract even more people into your clinic.

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